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0843 116 0050

csa contact

"Central Appeals Unit, Child Support Agency, PO Box 33, Preston PR11 2DT"

What is Child Support?
Child support connotes the financial backing for maintaining a child’s day-to-day expenses if parents have separated.

It is provided for:

  • Children less than 16 years of age
  • Children less than  20 years but  undertaking full-time education lower than A- Level

The parent with whom the child doesn’t live and who pays for his maintenance is called the “paying parent”, while the guardian or parent living with the child is the “receiving parent”.
You can arrange child support yourself or apply to the statutory departments for the same as below:

  • Child Support Agency
  • Child Maintenance Service

The payments that should be paid are calculated by these departments who are also bestowed with the power to collect payments in lieu of you.
These statutory departments are also with the additional functions:

  • To calculate the child maintenance amount
  • To settle parenting disagreements
  • To co-ordinate the allocation of fund to receiving parent from paying parent
  • To review the maintenance amount  based on financial conditions of parents
  • To find the address of paying parent ( if you don’t know it)
  • To take action against non-payment

How is child maintenance estimated?
Child maintenance calculator enables you in finding the payment amount and is done so in accordance with the regulations of Child Support Agency and Child Maintenance Service. Any detail related to the management of your case is communicated during the application process. For more details, dial our number to get connected to the Child Support Agency.

Role of CSA
Child Support Agency (CSA), operated by the Child Maintenance and Enforcement commission (CMEC) is a government body offering child maintenance services and it ensures that parents living separately from their children pay for their upkeep.